Drinks that combinations of herbal making to able to assist our body to adapt different aspects & stages of needs naturally.

Pear And Sea Coconut Drink

Both pear and sea coconut are good for quenching thirst and moistening the throat.

Suggest to drink when having sore throat & feeling thirst

Lemon Juice with Honey Drink

Using Fruit flavor making you enjoy health care in a relaxing way

Lemon juice with honey is unique from Hong Kong restaurant.
Bottled drink format enables it to be consumed anytime, anyplace.

Salted Mandarin Drink

Using Asian Herbal Formulas to help you come across body discomfort & illness caused by seasonal weather change

Salted mandarin helps to relieve coughing and nourish throat

Suggest to drink when having cough & sore throat

Detox & Heat Relief Drink
Begonia Fimbristipula Hance Drink

There are Gynura Bicolor (purple back sunflower) and ebony, sweet and slightly acidic, the entrance fresh and pleasant, there are detoxification, to wet, cough, Yang Sheng Jin, blood and anti-aging stomach and so on a variety of effects, the most appropriate size of a drink.

  1. detoxification blood
  2. anti-aging stomach
  3. soothing coughs and quenching thirst
  4. Good for wetting the throat
Grosvenor Momordica Fruit Drink

Arhat fruit tastes sweet but has a cooling effect on the body. It is effective for moistening the throat, refreshing lungs, removing heat, cooling during the summer heat and quenching thirst.

Good for wetting the throat, clearing summer heat, containing phlegm, soothing coughs and quenching thirst.

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