Drinks that combinations of herbal making to able to assist our body to adapt different aspects & stages of needs naturally.

Black Soybean Milk

Black bean is good for skin, kidney & improving menopause symptoms and contains two main antioxidant – Vitamin E & Isoflavones, for ageing & disease resistant.

Suggest to drink when need for ageing & menopause symptoms

Original Soybean Milk

Made of high quality soybeans, this drink is able to retain its original soybean flavour and nutrition.
Soybean: contains rich proteins and calcium

Boosts appetite and is good for skin and bone benefits

Red Bean & Job’s Tear Seed Drink

Promotes Hydropsy Reduction & Detox

Apple & Bitter Melon Drink

Promotes Fat Burn & Intestinal Health

Imperatae Cane Drink

Using Asian Herbal Formulas to encounter dry weather that makes our skin and throat dry, nourish & moisturize your body and quench dryness

Sugarcane tastes sweet, helps quenching dryness and ease coughing. Imperatae can eliminate heat and activating fluid generation.

Suggest to drink when feeling hot & dry, especially in dry seasons

Pear Tea Drink

Pear can eliminate quench thirst, pathogenic heat and nourish your skin. Wolfberry fruit refreshes visions effectively and good to drink in dry season.

Suggest to drink when skin dries & feeling thirst, especially in dry seasons

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