Drinks that combinations of herbal making to able to assist our body
to adapt different aspects & stages of needs naturally.

American Ginseng With Honey

Using Asian Herbal Formulas to restore your energy to help you carry on your study & work.

American Ginseng contains Ginsenoside which helps to eliminate fatigue and restore energy. The drink with honey can helps to clear heat yet nourishing.

Suggest to drink when feeling fatigue

Brewing American Ginseng Drink

Healthier by using sugarless formula and outstanding the taste of
American Ginseng.

Suggest to drink when feeling fatigue

Common Selfheal Fruit-spike Drink

Using Asian Herbal Formulas to eliminate heat & toxin accumulated by an unhealthy modern living style involving over work, lack of rest, unhealthy diet & excess smoke & drink.

Common Selfheal Fruit-Spike helps to eliminate heat and alleviate the discomfort caused by internal heat

Suggest to drink when eating fried food

Canton Love-pes Vine Drink

Canton Love-pes Vine helps to clear pathogenic heat and alleviate liver discomfort. Especially good for those suffer from smoke addiction, pathogenic weak in immune system

Suggest to drink when smoke or drink too much

Floral Herbal Tea Drink

Floral herbal tea drink uses five kinds of flowers with a light sweet taste, it is good for eliminating heat and activating fluid generation
Suggested for kids to drink when feeling heat or having unhealthy diet

Chrysanthemum with Honey

Using Asian Herbal Formulas to delivering an inside-out treatment to balance different body status for skin & health wellness

Chrysanthemum with Honey Drink has function to relief eye-sight problem caused by heat. Let your eyes brighten up.

Suggest to drink when eye fatigue

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